Kognitic announces the launch of an innovative feature to its platform, one which allows its customers to plot the geographic location of active clinical trials into a dynamic map.

The map overview will display comparative pie charts for each region which break down the sites by criteria clients designate, whether it be by drug, patient enrollment, line of therapy or another factor of interest. The dynamic functionality of our mapping feature allows clients to focus on more precise comparisons by narrowing the geographic region or to pinpoint specific clinical trial sites within a city. Clients can interrogate each site to reveal additional details about the trial, including current enrollment, site recruitment status, and investigational drugs.

The ability to map critical trials in real-time will prove to be an invaluable tool for pharma and life science companies because it will enable them to identify underutilized geographic regions and sites.  By selecting untapped trial sites to optimize their study design, the companies using Kognitic’s platform will reduce the cost and time associated with patient recruitment.  Since the automated mapping feature reflects live trial data, the insights gleaned from using the tool will also give marketing strategists the unparallelled advantage of knowing how their team stacks up against close competitors in real-time.

Kognitic enables clients to select trials based on criteria of particular importance to them. Trials can be sorted based on specific lines of therapy, biomarker strategy, patient population, sponsor/ affiliated company, drug intervention, as well as a number of other factors. Clients may also individually select trials which their teams are tracking to gain a competitive edge.

Kognitic’s Clinical Trial Intelligence (CTI) is an automated and robust, insight-driven platform for Life Sciences that accelerates drug development pipeline and investment decisions. Kognitic processes clinical trial, drug and financial data from multiple sources, using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to deliver automatic visuals and provide dynamic, live, interactive data for comparison. Kognitic offers a fully integrated solution for clinical landscape analysis and strategic clinical decision-making that provides actionable, real-time insights.

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