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Life Sciences Artificial Intelligence Platform for Tracking Clinical Trials

Kognitic Clinical Trial Intelligence (CTI) is an automated and robust, insight-driven platform for life sciences, which accelerates our clients' drug development pipeline and investment decisions.

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Kognitic Clinical Trial Intelligence (CTI) is an automated and robust, insight-driven platform for life sciences, which accelerates our clients’ drug development pipeline and investment decisions.

The platform processes clinical trial, drug and financial data from multiple sources, using advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to deliver and fully integrated solutions that provides actionable insights.

Real-time actionable insights for drug development

Accelerating decision-making gives our clients an undeniable competitive advantage. By using Kognitic’s real-time actionable insights, clients can significantly reduce decision-making time on drug pipeline strategy and complex combination drug analysis.

Kognitic can help clients develop and maintain a competitive advantage by giving them the ability to dynamically and interactively compare drug development strategies and their respective financial outlook across companies.

Innovative digital platform for critical trial intelligence

Any organisation that requires deep insights into its drug pipeline needs Kognitic’s solution.

The platform can be used in a wide range of business units within organisations such as early pipeline, medical affairs, regulatory affairs and business development, as well as clinical and marketing departments.

CTI provides fully automated data curation using NLPs and machine learning, with easy-to-use, pre-built, interactive and dynamic visualisations.

The platform also offers advanced combination and biomarker strategy analysis, as well as financial integration for drug market forecasts.

Analysis of multiple curated clinical trial data combinations

Kognitic CTI offers robust top-down relational search features and faceted filters to allow clients to narrow in on search results to specific trials with competitors or gaps.

Our proprietary NLP algorithms automatically classify clinical trial data by primary drug, target, modality, indication, patient segment, study design and biomarker strategy segments.

Drug and target combination analysis for trial design strategy

Kognitic CTI provides an analysis of historic drug-target combinations, as well as design strategies for predictive success.

We offer methods to visualise top agent combinations for drug-target by indication, modality and biomarker.

Our platform can also analyse more than 100 biomarkers by indication, modality, target or company based on selection or complementary strategy.

The tool can automatically track all biomarkers tested by asset in development.

Financial data integration and drug market forecasts

Kognitic combines company assets in the pipeline with their respective financial forecasts and research and development (R&D) expenditure.

The tool automatically analyses and compares market leaders by target, indication and modality, allowing quick and informed merger and acquisition (M&A) decisions and identifying gaps in current development strategies.

Generation of real-time trial design schema

Kognitic automates the generation of trial design schema in real-time, avoiding the need for external consultancy recruitment or regular updates.

Our data is always up-to-date and clients can edit and annotate schema in progress, as well as collaborate and share with their peers.

Our clients can also change notifications, export schema with shared notations, and gain advanced insights from trial design schema elements.


  • Kognitic AI-Powered Platform

    Kognitic places the answers to client questions at their fingertips; questions such as – which trial sites are my competitors using? Which other targets is this emerging target combining with?

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