Advanced Data Analysis Software Helps to Drive Creativity and Efficiency in R&D for Pharmaceutical Companies

Qlucore, a world leader in the development of bioinformatics software, has revealed how the log function in Qlucore Omics Explorer 2.1 is helping to drive creativity and efficiency within the pharmaceutical sector. Qlucore Omics Explorer is an advanced data analysis tool that allows researchers in the life science and biotech industries to shorten analysis time and achieve results more quickly, thanks to the product’s amazing speed and statistical analysis capabilities.

The log functionality in the most recent version of Qlucore Omics Explorer provides an easy way for researchers working in R&D to keep a step-by-step record of exactly what they have done during an experiment by storing log points in a detailed log file. Users can then store and access this information easily, and can even annotate each log point with specific comments, if desired.

What makes the log function in Qlucore Omics Explorer unique, however, is that each of these log points contains all of the information needed to ‘snap back’ to the exact stage when the log point was created, with all plots, colours and settings reset accordingly. Not only that, but when a researcher restores a log point in this way, the application will allow the user to continue with the analysis from that point forward.

“Our unique log function allows researchers to revert back to an earlier stage of an experiment very quickly, so that they can test a variety of different hypotheses from a particular point, without having to start the whole experiment over again from the beginning,” says Carl-Johan Ivarsson, president, Qlucore. “This function is also helping to boost efficiency by allowing researchers to record their results easily, so that they can spend more time on the actual analysis and less time documenting what they have done.”

To get even greater value from Qlucore Omics Explorer’s log files, researchers working in R&D can share them with others. As a result, different members of the same research group can now work together very easily, and with much greater efficiency, as each researcher can apply his or her own knowledge and unique approach to the same data, from the same starting point.

For example, one researcher might create several different log points of interesting results during his analysis. With Qlucore Omics Explorer, this researcher can then send the log file to a second member of the project team who can restore these same log points, and then continue the analysis in his or her own way. Since this restore process is very fast, researchers can ‘snap-back’ to any point in the experiment very quickly.

As a result, Qlucore Omics Explorer is helping to drive creativity within the area of research and development by making it easier and faster for people to work together. Plus, since Qlucore Omics Explorer’s intuitive user interface displays all data sets as 3D images, it is now very simple for a wide range of researchers to visualise their results directly on their computer screen, in real-time.

Because Qlucore Omics Explorer delivers instant data analysis in this way, it enables scientists and biologists to explore different hypotheses and alternative scenarios within seconds. The software is therefore already proving invaluable for those working in research and development, since it allows the actual researchers – the people with the most biological insight – to study the data and to look for patterns and structures, without needing to be statistics or computer experts.

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