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Mourne Training Services Releases a Practical Guide to Using HPLC for the Analysis of Pharmaceuticals

24th November 2009

HPLC is one of the most important analytical techniques used in pharmaceutical analysis. It is applied routinely throughout drug development and manufacturing, therefore it is critical that scientists have a good understanding of how to operate HPLC analysis for drug related samples. Mourne Training Services are pleased to introduce a practical guide to using HPLC, based on our popular training course, ‘An Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis’. This course is recognised by the Royal Society of Chemistry for the purposes of continuing professional development.

The title of the book is the same as the course, ‘An Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis’, and it is written by Oona McPolin, an experienced pharmaceutical analyst and expert in HPLC. The book provides practical and current information, the aim being to enable the reader to apply their learning in the laboratory straightaway. Thus it acts as a ‘how to’ laboratory guidebook, making it an ideal training solution for restricted budgets.

The book is targeted at those who are new to HPLC. Whether a new starter in an analytical laboratory, an experienced scientist new to HPLC, a recent graduate, or a student, it provides an invaluable guide about how HPLC is actually used when analysing pharmaceuticals. Additionally, the book is full of practical advice on the operation of HPLC systems combined with the necessary theoretical knowledge to ensure understanding of the technique.

Key features include:

  • A thorough discussion of the stationary phase enabling the reader to make sense of the many parameters used to describe a HPLC column
  • Practical advice and helpful hints for the preparation and use of mobile phase
  • A complete overview of each of the different components which together make up a HPLC system
  • A description of the contents of a typical HPLC analytical method and how to interpret these
  • A step-by-step guide on how to follow a method and set up a HPLC analysis
  • A discussion of system suitability criteria and how to interpret the values obtained during an analysis
  • Explanation of the common methods of calibration and quantification used for pharmaceutical analysis

‘An Introduction to HPLC for Pharmaceutical Analysis’ by Oona McPolin may be purchased on the Mourne Training Services website where you can also preview the book. It is published by Mourne training services and costs £29.27.

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