Strategikon Pharma announced a major update to their Clinical Maestro® platform including powerful features that accelerate clinical trial planning and sourcing. This release, Clinical Maestro CORE™, focuses on expanding the ease of use and flexibility for contract research organizations (CROs) and other clinical service providers who need to quickly create accurate bids.

Clinical Maestro CORE is the first to market, configurable, cloud-based SaaS solution combining clinical study and services assumptions with complex costing algorithms to produce clinical study budgets faster and more reliably than traditional Excel-based methods. Research shows, on average, it takes a CRO over 200 hours to generate and review a clinical services budget, versus a handful of hours with CORE. Allowing CROs to maximize resource utilization, CORE’s scalable platform saves substantial time and costs.

CORE was developed in close collaboration with CROs to specifically address many of the concerns and pain points associated with home-grown tools or Excel, including role-based access, action traceability, security, and modelling flexibility. CORE improves the quality of the bid costing through the elimination of common errors associated with formula and link breaks and incorrect assumption management. Through shared identity with Clinical Maestro Sponsor Edition, CORE brings the Sponsor-approved bidding standards to clinical service providers, allowing unprecedented communication and collaboration between Sponsors and CROs.

“Having intimate knowledge of the challenges that both Sponsors and CROs experience during the bidding process, we designed Clinical Maestro CORE to enhance costing transparency while preserving the service provider’s know-how and costing IP. With a state-of-the-art self-configurable algorithm builder and value-added features such as FX and inflation management, CORE brings over 90% efficiency boost in the proposal costing turnaround-time,” said Anca Copaescu, Founder and CEO of Strategikon Pharma.

“More than 30% of the bids are lost due to price and this is a grim statistic for the industry. Our goal is to help boost the win rate of clinical service providers through technology-enabled standardization,” adds Anca.