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Analysis Budgeting, Forecasting, and Outsourcing Solutions for Clinical Trials

Clinical Maestro™ by Strategikon Pharma is a Cloud-based platform that enhances outsourcing for clinical programmes.


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Clinical Maestro™ by Strategikon Pharma is a Cloud-based platform that enhances outsourcing for clinical programmes.

Suitable for clinical trial participants, vendors, sponsor companies and service providers, our platform enables clients to systematically plan studies, as well as model and manage clinical contracts. This comprehensive solution enables companies to budget, source and manage, faster, more accurately, and easily.

Developing new medical treatments is a top priority for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, performance management is a high priority for pharmas, executive management and regulators alike. As a result, leading firms in the medical industry are concentrating on execution quality and vendor oversight more than ever.

High-performance software for clinical trial operations

Clinical operations are integral to the successful execution of clinical trials. Built on a deep understanding of our customers’ pain and market issues, Strategikon Pharma has developed a unique platform to solve the challenges of clinical trial budgeting, forecasting and outsourcing.

Clinical Maestro digitalises business processes and associated decision-making to perform trials faster, more efficiently and more accurately. With over 800 standardised tasks, effort benchmarks blending both hours and resources, and timelines and billing rates for more than 70 roles worldwide, Clinical Maestro provides business users with actionable insights and faster processes by replacing Excel and outdated point solutions.

So many clinical trial professionals are faced with re-planning or reforecasting and restarting nearly all of their studies with budget timeline changes and protocol changes, both sponsors and CROs are looking for solutions. With the adoption of Clinical Maestro, you can plan faster and more accurately, adapt to ongoing uncertainty with increased flexibility, and manage outsourcing more easily.

Clinical Maestro™ is a comprehensive, unified platform, notably the Pharma (Sponsor) Edition and Provider (CRO) Edition. The applications share the same architectural identity, analytical engine and structure. However, they have different user-interfaces (UI) and workflows. They are designed to efficiently work in unison but can also function independently.

Clinical Maestro™ also creates virtual common ground to simplify marketplace transactions between providers and suppliers.

Clinical study budgeting tools

The Clinical Maestro PORTFOLIO™ application is equipped with the industry’s most advanced clinical study budgeting engine for reliable benchmarking.

This engine allows you to easily create multiple clinical scenarios and compare the impact of changes across multiple parameters such as timeline, cost, and resource allocation.

Clinical trial procurement platforms

For rapid study start-up and extensive due diligence on request for proposals (RFQs), new sourcing projects, and change orders, Clinical Maestro SOURCE™ is our comprehensive, built-for-purpose clinical trial procurement solution.

SOURCE provides biopharmaceutical companies with clean bid responses, automated side-by-side comparisons, variance tabulations and enhanced due diligence power in outsourcing.

Performance metrics for service providers

Clinical Maestro LEAD™ is the first Cloud-based clinical forecasting solution based on service provider reporting.

LEAD offers comprehensive contract reporting including units completed, earned value analyses, and contract re-forecasting to enable enhanced accrual management and study financial progress tracking.

Digital dashboard and comprehensive analytical tools

Clinical Maestro VISION™ enables both sponsors and their providers to perform their established processes more efficiently.

Powered by a metrics database and analytical tools, our collaborative platform can simplify the drive of your governance initiatives. In addition, digital dashboards aggregate and portray unstructured business data and performance metrics in concise graphs and charts.

VISION’s seamless integration with the planning, financial management and outsourcing modules in Clinical Maestro™ instantly offers visibility and powerful analytics on supplier status, profile, contract volume and performance.

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