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PBSC’s Latest Vision Panel Offers a New Twist

14th September 2015

A leading UK manufacturer of high-containment facility and clean room components PBSC works to constantly improve designs for low-maintenance, easy-to-use, and functional vision panels for use in pharmaceutical lab and hospital environments.

Continuing its programme of product improvement and value enhancement, the company has recently launched the latest in a long line of proven vision panels, which now comes with an integrated blind that is easier to operate.

The panels are laser cut from stainless steel in a one-piece frame, avoiding awkward joints and crevices and incorporating 2mm architrave flush glazing. Edges are sharp square rather than bevelled, ensuring no dirt collection and helping to eliminate one possible source of contamination.

PBSC’s work raised the standards once more, including an integral blind with a magnet-operated control in the base of the panel for quick access and ease of operation.

There are no visible fixings on the vision panel as a screen-printed border on the glass hides such details. Although, this can be omitted if aesthetics are not crucial. The interior also reveal liners, which can be stainless steel or white Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Options include fire-rated or non-fire-rated and sizes range from 380mm2 to 1m2 clear view. For the triple-glazed fire-rated panels, a minimum wall thickness of 170mm is required, while only 60mm is needed for the double glazed non fire-rated panels.

Customers can now have PBSC’s renowned components at a price to suit most budget constraints due to the continued Research and Development (R&D) into the use of alternative materials with no loss of aesthetics or function.

PBSC supplies clean room doors, glass doors, stainless steel doors, fire-rated doors, vision panels, transfer hatches, pass-through chambers, emergency escape panels, cleanroom furniture, and lifting trolleys.

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