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Peptide Synthesis Service, Peptide Arrays and Protein Sequencing Services

Cambridge Peptides specialises in the production of synthetic, custom-designed peptides for use in scientific and medical research and development.

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Cambridge Peptides specialises in the production of synthetic, custom-designed peptides for use in scientific and medical research and development.

We provide world-class peptide synthesis services to biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies and research organisations throughout Europe and the US.

Cambridge Peptides is a privately held company headquartered in the UK with access to laboratories in the US, Europe and East Asia.

Solid-phase peptide synthesis

Our sole focus is on excellence and efficiency in the field of solid-phase peptide synthesis, and the ways in which peptides are used by scientists in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies from basic research through to commercial manufacture.

We use our unique expertise and understanding to support our clients’ research programmes. For research use, we specialise in the manufacture of small quantities (5mg – 100mg) of peptides, to high levels of purity (between 90% and >99%, according to customers’ requirements).

We can provide expert advice on the design and use of peptides in research programmes. Our service is flexible and can be tailored to customer requirements. The efficiency of our operations enables us to keep our pricing competitive, while still remaining at the forefront of scientific quality and support.

Peptide synthesis and purification services

Cambridge Peptides provides peptide synthesis and purification services for biotechnology and pharmaceuticals companies, universities and research institutes. Our strong focus on scientific excellence and expertise in basic research, diagnostics, drug discovery and development makes us a leading partner in peptide synthesis.

We can work with you from the earliest stages of discovery where you can take advantage of our pioneering, proprietary technologies, right through to manufacture or peptide-based medicines and diagnostics.

Small-scale peptide synthesis and purification

We offer a comprehensive set of small-scale peptide synthesis and purification services for scientists working in basic research and discovery biology. Our small-scale synthesis capability is designed to produce milligram amounts of pure peptides, tailored to your precise requirements.

All peptides we synthesise are supplied HPLC-purified to the level you specify. They are also quality-assured and quality-checked by the use of HPLC and Mass Spec (MALDI-TOF and/or electrospray).

Various types of peptides are available, including: cyclic, fluorescent, MAP (for raising antibodies), PEG and Ahx spacers, Biotin and KLH labelled.

Custom peptides for pharmacology

Pharmacological studies require the highest levels of purity. We synthesise custom peptides on milligram to gram quantities scales, and purify them to match your exacting standards.

Proprietary peptide-based APIs

Demand for peptide-based APIs is increasing, and the needs of pharmaceutical companies are constantly changing. Our customers require access to a broad spectrum of capabilities, and have different attitudes to geographic location of manufacturing, which affects costs. In order to meet these diverse needs, Cambridge Peptides has built relationships with international suppliers of contract manufacturing services in the US, Europe, India and East Asia (including China and Japan).

We match customer needs with the capabilities of suppliers around the world. We offer unbiased advice, select and contract manufacturers, and work closely with your internal project managers to ensure that milestones are met on time and within budget.

Peptide array research kits

Our proprietary CoScan™ technology makes it affordable to routinely epitope map antibodies, T-cell receptors, and other proteinaceous binding molecules. Three different types of CoScan peptide array research kits are available: Silver kits (48 peptides); Gold kits (96 peptides); and Platinum kits (192 peptides). All kits are supplied either in a standard microtitre tray format (deep-well 8 x 12), or as individually numbered tubes.

N-terminal sequencing services

Cambridge Peptides provides N-terminal sequencing services for proteins and peptides. They provide numerous benefits:

  • High sensitivity, capable of sequencing at the low picomole level
  • Can sequence proteins or peptides
  • Can sequence protein in solution, gels or on PVDF blots
  • Radio sequencing available
  • Rapid return of data
  • Suitable for research, GLP and GMP use


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