To the delightful surprise of delegates and speakers alike, Sye-Kyun Chung, Speaker of the National Assembly for South Korea, opened up proceedings for last December’s Outsourcing in Clinical Trials East Asia conference.

The two-day event, co-located with the Clinical Trial Supply East Asia, was held in Seoul on Dec. 6-7, 2017. In a preplanned video message, arranged by the chair, You-Suk Lee of LYS Pharma, Speaker Sye-Kyun Chung extended a heartfelt welcoming to attendees.

“This international conference brings together leading professionals in clinical trials, who seek to produce the fruit of their strenuous efforts, that is, the development of new drugs,” he said.

“I would like to express my deep gratitude to the organizer Arena international, the conference Chair You-Suk Lee, CEO of LYS Pharma, and clinical trial professionals who have come all the way to Seoul from countries around the world.”

With the conference bringing together C-level executives from companies across the Asian region, Chung highlighted the importance such forums can play in discussing the challenges facing industry.

“CROs should be viewed not simply as outsourcing vendors that undertake clinical trials,” he said. “Within that context, this conference will provide a meaningful platform where participants share best practices in outsourcing, explore ways to harness big data, and offer useful information on clinical trials.”

A wide array of topics was on the agenda for both events, ranging from CRO selection to the strides being made in data management. With two jam packed programs in store, Speaker Sye-Kyun Lee concluded his message by conveying his best wishes to all attendees.

“I hope this conference will serve as an opportunity to shed new light on the significance of clinical trials and contribute to the development of clinical trials in Korea.”