Castor has introduced a new offering, Castor Real-World Evidence (RWE), to streamline post-marketing clinical trials. 

This offering can expand international reach, merge real-world data (RWD), and carry out trial process automation to cut down expenses of the trial by 30%.

It can also reduce deployment timelines to an average of nearly four weeks.

In order to boost access to patients and retention, as well as the quality and compliance of data, Castor RWE tackles prevalent challenges in post-marketing clinical trials (PMCT) by quickly merging RWD sources such as outcomes reported by the patients and wearables.

The offering also delivers merged technology and services to expedite RWD collection for PMCT, enabling life science firms to meet the needs of regulators and payers effectively.

Castor RWE comprises pre-configured modules for the recruitment of patients, eligibility screening, enrolment, data collection, and subject engagement. 

This integrated strategy aids sponsors in revealing insights into the performance of the drugs in real-world settings while extending access to international trial populations.

Castor CEO and co-founder Derk Arts said: “Real-world evidence has the potential to transform evidence based medicine, by generating a body of evidence that provides a much more accurate view on what cure is best for each individual patient, through including a more diverse range of patients and in everyday settings. 

“Our latest offering simplifies the creation of RWE into clinical trials and supports life science companies in their pursuit of drug discovery and development goals.”

In February this year, the company unveiled a new programme to back clinical research organisations and enhance decentralised clinical trial adoption.