Castor has announced the launch of a new programme to support clinical research organisations (CROs) and boost the adoption of decentralised clinical trials (DCT).

The CRO Partnership programme offers trial sponsors the technical expertise, operational training as well as commercial resources needed to successfully provide traditional, hybrid, and decentralised clinical programmes. 

Castor noted that the trial success depends greatly on the eClinical solutions that back them, so deploying a flexible, technology-facilitated approach is critical.

With self-service functionality, the modular eClinical platform of Castor is user-friendly, easy to implement, and can be incorporated into established systems easily. 

Furthermore, Castor’s out-of-the-box solutions cut down the number of tools required to carry out a trial and reduce add-on service requirements while creating proposals for sponsors. 

By collaborating with the company, CROs can offer studies of different complexity for a greater number of sponsors, without disrupting timelines or increasing budgets and not compromising on the flexibility and speed to rapidly adapt.  

CROs can streamline traditional methods with Castor’s modular DCT platform with integrated electronic data capture (EDC), which provides a path to successfully handle hybrid and DCTs. 

In addition, CRO partners benefit from improved access to the company’s professional services team and dedicated customer success manager (CSM) to obtain the technical guidance as well as operational support to build their DCT expertise leveraging an easy-to-learn platform.

Castor CEO and founder Derk Arts said: “We look forward to launching our CRO partnership programme, as our platform offers unprecedented scalability, enabling our CRO partners to run patient-centric trials as their core business, instead of in a pilot setting. 

“Decentralised clinical trials offer increased patient engagement, convenience, shorter trial times, and allows for a more diverse representation of patients in studies compared to conventional trials.”

In September last year, Castor and Trialbee signed a strategic partnership to improve access to trials, fast-track subject enrolment and boost patient engagement.