Healthcare research technology company Clario has launched a new Cloud-based comprehensive, intuitive solution, Image Viewer, for clinical trials.

The Image Viewer tool, which is data privacy compliant, enables contract research organisations (CROs) and sponsors to view clinical trial images.

Using the tool, they can also get access to read-quality images in near real-time, with the help of an intuitive web-based imaging viewer.

By streamlining the process, the Image Viewer tool eliminates manual steps and makes accessing the images easier and more secure.

For complete resolution, it provides viewing and manipulation tools and allows end users to obtain valuable insights into trial participants.

The tool enables easy electronic image accessibility within a streamlined, completely integrated platform and process.

Clario R&D senior vice-president Gaurav Josan said: “At Clario, we are committed to accelerating clinical trials by solving complex problems; and this world-class Image Viewer is a leap in that direction by providing powerful insights to clients early on.

“The Cloud-native Image Viewer is an innovative tool incorporating advanced usability features and is custom built, working closely with our in-house radiologists specifically for clinical trial needs.”

Earlier, several groups were involved in the image transfer process for viewing clinical trial images. This added the risk of delays and potential errors to an already complex process.

Clario Medical Imaging executive vice-president Brad Dean said: “We expect our Cloud-based Image Viewer to greatly simplify and accelerate viewing images during clinical trials.

“We have a long history of innovation in medical imaging for clinical trials. This new offering is unmatched in the market, providing user-friendly image access minimising cost, time and risk.”

Last November, Clario selected the GlobalLink Applanga technology, a Cloud-based translation management system of TransPerfect, to optimise the translation processes.