Coming Soon: The Clinical Trials Yearbook 2017

4th April 2016 (Last Updated July 18th, 2018 10:22)

CTA provides an exclusive on Arena International's upcoming 2017 Clinical Trials Yearbook

Coming Soon: The Clinical Trials Yearbook 2017

For regular readers of CTA who can't get enough of industry-related articles, the Clinical Trials Yearbook (CTY) is the e-magazine for you. In December of each year, Arena International publishes the CTY, which shines a spotlight on key industry issues from the previous year. Available to read for free online, CTY delivers case studies written by leading voices from across the industry.

The aim of the Yearbook is to deliver actionable information and key learning points our readers can take onboard. Readers will have access to articles covering a number of topics from clinical outsourcing to the supply chain, and more.

Among our latest features, Marcin Makowski and John Rodermund of AstraZeneca, tackle the confusion behind Risk-based Monitoring (RBM) terminologies by providing the perfect explanation of what it means. With several guidance documents providing 'vague' definitions of RBM, Makowski and Rodermund say the term RBM should only be used when a monitoring approach has three features (QbD, Centralised Monitoring, and RBM).

Meanwhile, Ken Getz, Tufts CSDD, writes an engaging article on strategic alliances and the challenges they bring. While strategic alliances highlight the potential for streamlined and more efficient drug development processes, a new study by Tufts CSDD show sponsor companies haven't fully realised their full potential.

So as you can see, if you're a clinical professional looking to uncover the latest challenges facing the industry, CTY is a valuable resource. Whether you're involved in operations, medical devices or data management, CTY delivers high quality articles from a global perspective.

Each publication is supported by a marketing campaign designed to guarantee a globally established senior-level readership. Each yearbook is accessible all year round for your daily point of reference.

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