In May 2015, leading clinical representatives from the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device industries met in King of Prussia, NJ, to discuss the biggest challenges and latest development within their clinical outsourcing and operational processes. Arena International’s 6th annual Outsourcing in Clinical Trials East Coast Conference brought together clinical operations, clinical outsourcing, data management and regulatory experts from across NJ, PA, NY and beyond to provide their experience on expertise within this complex and ever-changing landscape.

With case-study led presentations from companies both big and small, the event was a unique opportunity for attendees to optimise their vendor management and selection strategies, discuss the latest updates in data management and implement effective patient-centric approaches to clinical trials.

Highlights included presentations from Ken Getz, who presented on a new Tufts CSDD study evaluating outsourcing relationships on late-phase programmes. John Barry, Head of Vendor Management at Merck presented on their experiences on effective risk-sharing contracts to promote the idea of a true partnership. More operational topics were also discussed; such as the impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on a company’s outsourcing strategy.

This interactive, discussion-led event provided a specific perspective with presentations focused on either large pharma experiences or small to mid-sized company case studies. Large companies discussed discussed their experiences in effective outsourcing strategies for early phase trials and in data management, whereas smaller companies considered how best to ensure their trial was seen as attractive to vendors and ensuring effective vendor selection from a virtual company perspective. This year, the large pharma stream included a lively discussion into balancing the art & science of vendor management.

Day 2 included a focus on innovation, with a presentation from Joseph Kim of Eli Lilly, who reminded attendees that Innovation included outsourcing too! This in-depth view into the push for innovation at Lilly inspired participants to do more, differently to the benefit of their trials, their budgets and their patients!

As one of the largest global pharmaceutical companies in the world, Pfizer provided an in-depth perspective on implementing vendor oversight and governance strategies to ensure your trial runs as intended. This viewpoint emphasised the need for close communication between internal teams and external service providers, which the event itself offered a unique platform to do so.

OCT East Coast 2016 also included a stream devoted to the medical devices industry. This dedicated stream provided explored the role of data as a way of effectively managing sponsor/vendor relationships and best practices for study interactions and communications between sponsor and CRO. This focused content provided an in-depth look on the key challenges facing the industry and provided a unique opportunity for interface between medical device companies and service providers.

The agenda as a whole provided attendees with an in-depth overview into the clinical outsourcing and operations space. The networking breaks and roundtable discussion acted as a perfect forum for informal debate into the biggest challenges facing the industry as well as allowing connections to be made across the area and beyond.

The exhibition area alongside the conference offered an effective networking space for pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device representatives to meet with and view product showcases from service providers such as CROs, Central Labs, Supply and Data Management.

OCT East is part of Arena International’s world-renowned series; Outsourcing in Clinical Trials. OCT East will be returning to King of Prussia in May 2016.

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