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Gilead Sciences has announced plans to acquire Nimbus Apollo, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nimbus Therapeutics LLC, and its Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase (ACC) inhibitor programme for $400m.

Nimbus Therapeutics will also receive an additional $800m during development related milestones over time.

The acquisition enables Gilead Sciences to further develop and strengthen its pipeline, and commercialisation of NDI-010976 and other ACC inhibitors.

Sanofi has announced it will sell its 4.76% stake representing approximately 2.85 million shares in Nichi-iko Pharmaceuticals.

The acquisition represents a sale consideration of approximately $63.42m.

“The acquisition represents a sale consideration of approximately $63.42m.”

Cooper Surgical has acquired Genesis Genetics for $60m.

The acquisition enables CooperSurgical to further develop its invitro fertilisation (IVF) business and extends its reach in genetic testing targeted to improve IVF pregnancy rates and helps in eliminating severe genetic disorders.

Tonghua Golden-Horse Pharma plans to acquire Chengdu Yongkang pharmaceuticals for $63.5m in cash.

The acquisition will enable Tonghua Golden-Horse Pharma to further develop its product strategy of anti tumour, microbial drugs, musculoskeletal system, nervous system drugs.

DanDrit Biotech has announced its intention to buy OncoSynergy, which enable the former to further develop its oncology pipeline.

Upon closing the acquisition, OncoSynergy employees will be integrated into DanDrit and OncoSynergy’s co-founder and CEO Shawn Carbonell will become the chief science officer and Anne Marie Carbonell will take-up the role of chief medical officer.

Image: Sanofi has said it will sell its 4.76% stake: Photo: courtesy: Sanofi de.