Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies must focus on developing a long-term solution to mosquito-borne diseases rather than just targeting a single virus such as the Zica, according to a report by GlobalData.

Titled ‘The Zika Virus: An Update on the Outbreak and the Fight Against It‘, the report analyses that since vaccine development is a resource-intensive process efforts must focus on finding long-term solutions to mosquito-borne diseases.

It is advisable to develop approaches to combat the vector instead of virus and formulate a global strategy against all the mosquito-borne diseases instead of developing a protective vaccine against just one virus, opines GlobalData’s analyst Micro Junker Ph.D.

Approaches such as prevention of vector reproduction by limiting the breeding ground, insecticides, direct genetic manipulation or usage of bacteria to kill mosquitoes can be adopted to combat the vector, he says.

All these factors emphasise on the need for collaboration between companies and government organisations for developing a global approach to identifying a promising vaccine and eradicating the mosquito-borne diseases, according to Junker.

A member of the genus Flavivirus, Zica is transmitted by the Aedus aegypti species of mosquito. Most of the vaccines to prevent Zica are being developed by small biotech companies and are in pre-clinical stage, which means they will take many years to receive marketing approvals.