ProofPilot and VersaTrial have partnered to integrate their technologies for improving quality, clinical research speed, and satisfaction for site staff and their patients.

The integration will also bring even more efficiency for sites to manage and carry out clinical trials.

Creation of a digital protocol by ProofPilot and automating study tasks helps in reducing guesswork and confusion for sites and patients.

ProofPilot CEO Chris Venezia said: “Managing multiple protocols is a daunting task for sites, who must navigate hundreds of complex steps for each study.

“Attempts to organise the wide variety of study technologies leads to confusion, workplace fatigue and protocol deviations.

“Together with VersaTrial we will further streamline the study workflow and reduce errors, leading to measurable efficiencies for research sites.”

VersaTrial provides a centralised location for all study technologies as well as contacts and offers persistent access for trial coordinators, principal investigators (PIs), and clinical research associates (CRAs).

VersaTrial founder and CEO said Mike Wenger said: “Sponsors are seeking ways to enable research sites to address the complexities of technology management.

“Our partnership with ProofPilot automates and simplifies this for site staff, enhancing the industry’s ability to continue innovating with technology.”

In April last year, ProofPilot raised more than $12m in a Series B funding round led by Mitsui. Sopris Capital, First Trust Capital Partners, and Excelra also took part in the funding round.