Science 37 has collaborated with digital health and telemedicine company Medgate to further globalise decentralised clinical trials.

With presence in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, Medgate partnership expands Science 37’s decentralised clinical trial operating system and enables more physicians to participate in research and contribute to the improvement of treatments.

The partnership also expands Science 37’s capacity to grow and execute global decentralised clinical studies.

Science 37 CEO David Coman said: “Enabling universal access for clinical research and making it easier for patients and investigators is at the core of Science 37.

“This partnership helps our aim by growing our footprint around the world, bolstering our ability to find patients, and demonstrating the possibilities that participating in clinical research, from anywhere, can mean for patients’ lives and for the physicians who treat them.”

Through the Decentralised Clinical Trial Operating System (DCT OS), the company provides universal access for clinical research, making it easier for both patients and providers to participate and accelerate the development of new treatments which impact patient lives.

David Coman added: “Our ability to orchestrate any component of a decentralised clinical trial with our technology-first Operating System continues to differentiate Science 37 as we accelerate research for sponsors, enable investigators, and increase access for patients to potentially life-saving therapies. We continue to lead the way, around the world.”

Prior to this, Medable and healthcare technology company Seqster have partnered to integrate real-world patient data streams in decentralised clinical trials platform.

Seqster provides easy access to researchers with patient medical records, which will make it easier to recruit, consent and re-consent trial participants.