Seqster has joined the Decentralized Trials & Research Alliance (DTRA) to expedite the wider patient-centred, decentralised clinical trials and research adoption. 

The DTRA comprises more than 120 life sciences and healthcare organisations.

To boost access to participation in trials, it brings together industry stakeholders, including healthcare firms, regulatory agencies, patient groups and research organisations.

The alliance does so by enhancing research practices, policies and new technologies in decentralised clinical research.

Seqster CEO and co-founder Ardy Arianpour said: “Seqster breaks down health data silos at scale.

“Our FDA-compliant enterprise operating system aggregates disparate health data sources into a single, 360-degree view of a patient in real-time, solving a multitude of challenges for life sciences, patient engagement and data interoperability.”

Decentralised research methods aid in the participation of a varied patient population.

An operational challenge is to incorporate a representative population of patients in trials based on age, race and geography.

DTRA co-chair Craig Lipset said: “Now is the time for scalable solutions that will drive the future of clinical trials, accelerating drug development and saving lives – and by taking part in DTRA, Seqster is joining the many entities that are contributing to this mission. 

“We have a responsibility to advance the health of people with unmet medical needs and by convening stakeholders from biotech and pharma companies, CROs, regulators, technology leaders and patient communities, we can remove remaining barriers to adoption and impact patients today.”

In March last year, Seqster and Medable partnered to merge real-world patient data streams in decentralised clinical trials platform.

Seqster developed a patient-centric interoperability for accessing secure, longitudinal and complete real-world health data on a real-time basis.