Swing Therapeutics has chosen virtual contract research organisation (VCRO) Curavit Clinical Research as a virtual site for its clinical trial of an investigational digital therapeutic (DTx) to treat fibromyalgia. 

With the latest development, Curavit will remotely recruit, monitor, consent and enrol subjects in Swing’s randomised PROSPER-FM trial from across the US. 

Subsequently, the company will manage subjects for 12 weeks in the trial. 

Swing created its DTx to offer an accessible behavioural therapy option that could be used along with medicine, physical therapy and other standard-of-care treatments.

By eradicating geographic and physical barriers to participation and execution of trials, Curavit can scale rapidly and enhance subject enrolment by a minimum of ten times compared to a conventional trial to expedite execution of the trial.

Curavit co-founder and CEO Joel Morse said: “Our operational model prioritises patient recruitment and removes geographic boundaries to expand the pool without the expense of physical infrastructure. 

“With zero physical site visits, too, patients are less burdened and more likely to stick with the trial duration.”

Curavit is the tenth DTx client Swing has selected in under six months. 

The organisation’s decentralised clinical trial (DCT) capabilities make it ideal for prescription and non-prescription DTx studies. 

DTx does not involve physical logistics such as shipping, storing, chain of control, cold storage, or biohazards and endpoints could be frequently captured within the DTx application itself, thus aligning DCTs with DTx trials.

Swing CEO Mike Rosenbluth said: “Curavit’s virtual services model enables us to efficiently recruit participants representative of the entire patient population. 

“It solves a huge challenge and will be critical to rapidly develop the evidence needed to bring an effective digital therapy to millions suffering from chronic illness.”

A chronic and debilitating pain condition, fibromyalgia is characterised by musculoskeletal pain. 

Curavit was launched in February 2020 to aid in realising the potential of DCTs.