There were numerous articles in October 2016 that covered a wide range of topical issues. Here are five of the best stories you might have missed… (click the headline to finish reading the story)

Clinical Trials in Asia: Tale of the Tiger or Tiger by the Tail? Part IIIb – Malaysia and Thailand

Asian countries can offer great value as locations for clinical study sites. This is the fifth of a five-part series on getting the best out of your Southeast Asia clinical trial strategy. In parts IIa and IIb, we focused on South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong-Kong – the so-called “Tier 2” Asian countries. Part IIIa addressed the two Asian giants in the Tier-3 Asian countries: India and China. Finally, in Part IIIb, the current and last piece in this series, we’ll round off with the up and comers in Tier-3: Malaysia and Thailand.

Is Immunotherapy here to stay?

In recent times, immunotherapy has garnered headlines for its game changing potential to treat cancer. Unlike chemotherapy and radiotherapy, immunotherapy boosts the immune system and enhances its resistance to cancerous cells. The treatment has had varying levels of success in the past in treating melanoma, and more recently, pancreatic cancer.

Angus Dalgleish is the principal investigator of a pioneering trial, in which 110 patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer were given the drug IMM-101. In this compelling interview, Dalgleish explains to CTA that while immunotherapy initially had its sceptics, its potential to cure cancer cannot be ignored.

Clinical Operations Dashboard and Integrating Data

For several years the Clinical Organization has tried to build operational delivery visualization tools for trial planning and monitoring using live data from clinical trial management systems. The attempt failed many times due to a lack of overall process and systems thinking, limited technical capabilities in integrating clinical trial information from various data sources, limited partnership between Clinical and IS, and time constraints from subject matter experts in shaping the right user requirements. In the absence of robust eClinical integration and visualization tools, the clinical organization continued to manage enrollment and trial performance in spreadsheets and other diverse primitive tools. The various stop-gap approaches also resulted in poor data quality in the primary trial data sources and the use of key systems deteriorated over time.

A 3-Step Guide to Improving Sponsor-Site Relationships

As sponsors, we constantly look for ways to expedite enrollment, reduce protocol deviations, and decrease query resolution time. We pressure our sites with reminder phone calls, emails and alerts, but what we lack is the human element of teamwork and involvement. Below are three concepts that can help us to motivate our clinical sites…

Making the most out of Modern Technology

Nowadays digital data is everywhere, in every sector of the economy or the industry. Every Organization and user of digital technology is generating trillions of data nearly every day. The ability to store, aggregate, and combine all these data and then use the results to perform deep analyses with the help of very complex  algorithms has become very common in all sectors. The banking sector is very active in this area as there is a huge amount of money to be saved. They are able to follow the usage of credit cards around the world and make sure that it is always the owner who is using it.