Global health research network TriNetX has partnered with Medical Data Vision (MDV), a provider of a health claims and administrative data from more than 400 acute hospitals in Japan.

MDV’s real-world database covers more than 30 million patient data. The information will allow users to investigate and research the Japanese market.

TriNetX senior vice-president of corporate development Maulik Mehta said: “The partnership helps the global research community leverage Japanese patient data to advance scientific discoveries and to offer new treatment opportunities to patients with unmet needs in Japan.”

The longitudinal database of MDV features de-identified claims, procedures, medications, and lab data. It helps researchers understand treatment patterns, carry out epidemiology studies, and undertake health economic outcomes research analyses.

MDV head of EBM division Masaki Nakamuara said: “We are excited to work with TriNetX’s global network.

“This will not only help us expand our offering by working on the R&D side of the pharma industry, but it will also provide possible new areas for growth by helping us bring more multinational clinical trial opportunities to Japan, especially for hospitals.”

The partnership extends TriNetX’s presence in Asia and the Far East. The company has collaborated with healthcare organisations in 25 countries to establish a linked and continually updated global health research network representing more than 400 million patients.

TriNetX has been used to analyse more than 26,000 protocols, presenting over 7,000 clinical trial opportunities to its HCO members.