Verily, a subsidiary of Alphabet company, has formed a strategic alliance with Novartis, Pfizer, Otsuka and Sanofi to transform clinical research.

The alliance aims to develop digitally innovative, patient-centered clinical research programmes using Project Baseline’s platform and tools.

Verily’s Baseline Platform is designed to speed-up the process of conducting studies, collect more comprehensive and quality data, including outside the clinic. The platform also engages and involves the participation of more patients and clinicians in research.

Less than 10% of the population across the US participates in the clinical trials process. Furthermore, there are challenges in research, which include data fragmentation, inefficient operations and limited value for patients.

Verily, along its industry partners, aims to implement a technology-enabled approach in conducting research, and increase the number and diversity of clinical research participants.

The firms will also explore new methods to generate real-world evidence using the Baseline Platform to gather, organise and activate health information from electronic health records, sensors and other digital sources.

In the coming years, Novartis, Otsuka, Pfizer and Sanofi each plan to launch clinical studies that leverage the platform across distinct therapeutic areas, such as cardiology, oncology, dermatology and diabetes.

Verily chief medical and scientific officer Jessica Mega said: “Evidence generation through research is the backbone of improving health outcomes. We need to be inclusive and encourage diversity in research to truly understand health and disease, and to provide meaningful insights about new medicines, medical devices and digital health solutions.

“Novartis, Otsuka, Pfizer and Sanofi have been early adopters of advanced technology and digital tools to improve clinical research operations, and together we’re taking another step towards making research accessible and generating evidence to inform better treatments and care.”