VigiLanz has launched a new solution to enable researchers to identify more eligible subjects for enrolment in clinical trials accurately and in near real time.

The new VigiLanz Research solution will help clinical trial sites that seek to expedite recruitment by automating the identification process of patients.

It will also help the sites obtain insights on patients screened for eligibility and meet time-sensitive enrolment targets.

VigiLanz CEO Dr David Goldsteen said: “VigiLanz Research is streamlining the clinical trial recruitment process.

“This new solution leverages our two decades of clinical surveillance expertise into a system that empowers researchers to screen more qualified candidates.

“For hospitals, this increases the likelihood for clinical trial success, and for sponsors, this potentially saves millions of dollars and helps get products to market faster.”

VigiLanz Research will also help clinical staff and hospitals increase the number of patients identified for trials and minimise time and staff effort that is required for screening manually.

People will also get access to life-changing treatments that could help them live longer.

VigiLanz and Sharp HealthCare recently collaborated for implementing the solution for an acute cardiac clinical trial.

Leveraging data in Sharp’s electronic health record (EHR), VigiLanz Research automated screening processes and increased the number of patients screened to include all of them in complete units.

This approach increased patient enrollment in the study.

Sharp HealthCare Outcomes Research Institute director of research DeAnn Cary said: “VigiLanz Research has not only improved our team’s efficiency but also has helped us make a difference in patients’ lives.

“With near real-time updates, we can now identify and enroll subjects who may have otherwise been missed.”