and full-service, vascular, clinical research organisation (CRO) Vastrax have announced a strategic collaboration to expedite enrolment in clinical trials for research on new neurovascular therapies.

Viz RECRUIT software will become the artificial intelligence (AI)-powered clinical trial recruitment platform of Vastrax for its neurovascular trials.

The software has been designed to identify eligible patients for the trials by scanning their images in real-time.

This will enable round-the-clock identification of potential study subjects automatically, and notifications will be sent to research teams.

The Cloud-based technology of expands the recruitment funnel in size, as well as diversity, and streamlines the trial enrolment workflow. chief clinical officer Jayme Strauss said: “We are pleased to partner with Vastrax to advance important clinical research.

“Viz’s AI-powered recruitment software, combined with Vastrax’s deep expertise in neurovascular and vascular clinical trials, will help increase access and diversity in research to get new therapies to patients faster.”

Under the partnership, the companies will enable an accelerated and enhanced enrolment of clinical trials and a quicker route to market for new neurovascular devices.

Vastrax president Ryan Bouchard said: “We believe that, together with the Viz RECRUIT platform, Vastrax’s clients will more quickly enrol a broader patient population in their clinical trials, enabling accelerated market access and potentially broader indications.

“This will enable a big leap in endovascular trial execution, with the view to more patients safely accessing new technologies faster.”

In February 2020, announced new algorithms and expanded features for its Viz RECRUIT clinical trial platform, which offers new algorithms for intracerebral haemorrhage detection, aneurysm detection, and Ischemic Core Volumes.