Since early March, many companies have delayed the initiation of or completely withdrawn planned clinical trials, as well as suspending enrolment in or terminating ongoing trials.  The majority of the disruption, at 61.5%, was due to the suspension of enrolment. Trials currently being impacted due to slow enrolment follows at 22.8%, then finally, 15.7% of trials have delayed initiation. Within the 22.8% of trials affected by slow enrolment, 12.5% of these are specifically due to the availability of sites and investigators.

Tracking these disrupted trials with the Covid-19 dashboard on the Pharma Intelligence Center, GlobalData has found that the number of disrupted trials has begun to slow. Over all three months, the majority of disrupted clinical trials were in Phase II, from 43–45%, followed by Phase III with 22–25%, Phase I with 21–26%, and Phase IV with 7–10%.

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