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Tailored Research and Services for Drug Development

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Decision makers involved in healthcare find Pharmerit to be a reliable partner in defining, building and communicating their products’ clinical, humanistic and economic value.

Our international organisation conducts worldwide research in health economics, outcomes research and strategic market access, and also offers education. Thus, we offer a wide range of value-added services, all of which are designed to meet your specific needs. Our mission: ‘To improve patients’ access to medical care through evidence – worldwide.’

Research services in health economics, outcomes research and strategic market access

Our clients include decision makers in pharmaceutical, biotechnology and device, as well as diagnostic companies, government bodies and private organisations. Our worldwide research and tailor-made services help them to define, build and communicate the value of their products. Over the years Pharmerit’s team members have successfully completed many national and international projects across a wide array of services and disease areas, and continue to do so.

Services include health economics, outcomes research, strategic market access and education. All of our value-added services are client focused, designed to fit your specific needs and goals. Our projects are defined by our scientific and methodological precision. Moreover, our recommendations and solutions are practical and easily actionable.

Health economics: research services for healthcare interventions

Members of the health authorities, healthcare companies and other decision makers turn to Pharmerit for information on the clinical, economic and humanistic aspects of healthcare interventions. We collect, generate and aggregate evidence about the effectiveness, safety, costs and outcome of healthcare interventions such as medical devices or healthcare programmes. For example, we offer cost-effective analyses and budget-impact analyses, thereby using state-of-the-art methodology. Our aim: credible evidence supporting the economic value of your product.

Outcomes research services

Within outcomes research we investigate the outcomes of healthcare interventions, mostly in clinical or humanistic terms. Services in outcomes research are very diverse, ranging from quality-of-life studies and burden-of-illness studies to meta-analyses. The result is mostly the same: credible evidence supporting the clinical or humanistic value of your product.

Strategic market access services for drug products

Bringing healthcare technology to the international market is a challenging process which meets with many international, national and local regulations for registration and reimbursement. Pharmerit’s team members have extensive experience with strategic market access and policy research. For example, we offer global value dossiers, pricing and reimbursement support and we identify value messages. Thus, we generate and communicate evidence to maximise your reimbursement process.

Drug development education and communications services

Whether you need a brief internal report to disseminate key research findings or a scientific research paper for publication, we provide all services necessary to spread knowledge effectively. For the same reason we present our work at international health economics and medical decision-making conferences and at clinical speciality meetings. Besides general workshops, we provide custom-made courses and workshops for specific target audiences at pharmaceutical companies and healthcare authorities. The result: clear and practical education for your team.

Tailored research and services for drug development

Pharmerit is committed to customer-focused and value-added services, including complete responsiveness to our clients’ needs. We also stand for a personalised and tailored approach, practical recommendations and solutions, scientific and methodological precision in all our projects, and adherence to all ethical standards of confidentiality and integrity. Moreover, we have a committed team that is innovative, pro-active and fun to work with.


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