Biomodels, founded in 1997, provides pre-clinical efficacy studies for drug development. We work closely with our clients to provide customized programs to demonstrate efficacy data (non-GLP) for regulatory submissions.

Our expertise in cancer supportive care is based on the life-long work of Dr Stephen T Sonis.

We are world leaders in pre-clinical models relating to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Biomodels provides many additional models in the areas of oncology and inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases. We provide models that are clinically relevant and predictive. Our studies are customized to the specific needs of our clients; the studies are timely and are performed to the highest standards by our skilled scientists and technicians.

Oral mucositis studies

Cancer supportive care is the treatment and prevention of the side effects of cancer chemotherapy and radiation therapy; Biomodels is best known for our studies of oral mucositis. We have also developed study protocols in the areas of proctitis, osteonecrosis, fatigue, dermatitis and neurological toxicity.

Human tumor xenograft models

We offer a wide range of conventional human tumor xenograft models for a broad spectrum of cancer indications as well as a number of syngenic and orthotopic models in indications where these models are particularly relevant. In addition to the in vivo models for cancer, we offer a wide range of in vitro testing services for preliminary evaluation of anti-neoplastics.

Recognizing the need for early target screening, Biomodels also offers a target evaluation service which facilitates the screening of a range of different tumor types as both cell cultures and solid tumors for the expression of genes and proteins of interest.

Models of antigen-induced autoimmune disease

Biomodels’ expertise in inflammatory disease stems from our interest in oral mucositis, and other complications of cancer therapy that involve the immune system. We offer models of antigen-induced autoimmune disease such as collagen-induced arthritis (a model and myelin peptide-induced experimental allergic encephalomyelitis [EAE; a model of multiple sclerosis]).

Models of IBD with endoscopy

In addition, we offer chemically induced models of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) / ulcerative colitis utilizing video endoscopy. Validated models include induction by DSS, TNBS and Oxalazone. We also offer models of surgically induced osteoarthritis and nephritis.

Evaluation of arterial and venous thrombosis

In the cardiovascular disease area Biomodels has developed novel models for the evaluation of arterial and venous thrombosis, which evaluate blood flow in a major vessel directly using video microscopy and Doppler flow measurement. In addition, Biomodels offers models for the assessment of clotting time and blood pressure, by either tail cuff or direct measurement. Biomodels also offers models of atherosclerosis and stroke using either surgical modifications or genetic models.

Customized pre-clinical models

Over the past 12 years we have developed over 100 customized models for individual clients. Often this is a matter of transferring and validating studies from academic publications to a commercial setting. We have successfully carried out custom work in the areas of obesity, diabetes, radioprotection, acute toxicology (LD50 and MTD), asthma and fibrosis.