Kognitic announces the launch of its global Covid-19 dashboard, which provides the pharma industry, the government and the public with real-time insights into novel Covid-19 vaccines and treatments in development.

Covid-19, a pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus called SARS-Cov-2, poses a monumental challenge for scientists who are working to discover effective drugs and vaccines. Robust research and clinical efforts are underway globally at an unprecedented pace to investigate promising interventions. For example, in January 2020, there were merely 7 Covid-19 clinical trials being conducted worldwide; in the last four months, this number has dramatically increased to 1,200+ interventional trials (as of 12 May 2020).

Instant access to real-time and accurate information about the Covid-19 clinical landscape is critical for clinicians, scientists and governing bodies who are the frontrunners in tackling this pandemic. To address this need, Kognitic has launched a free and real-time, interactive dashboard which can be accessed at our website.

The dashboard integrates Covid-19 clinical trials from all worldwide clinical trial registries and organises vaccines and treatments in development by clinical stage, study design, companies, patient enrollment, and countries.

The dashboard incorporates intuitive filters which enable users to break down trials to gain insights into the Covid-19 clinical landscape and completion timeline. Naturally, the timeline associated with drug and vaccine development has been of utmost concern for both the public and experts. To shorten the timeline, it is imperative that collaborative efforts amongst researchers, clinicians, universities and companies designing trials be maximised. Kognitic’s Covid-19 tracker helps increase these joint efforts by providing advanced visualisations that make it easy for users to obtain information on trial timelines, active companies, and geographic trends.

Kognitic’s agility in adapting to an ever-changing environment will prove to be an unparalleled strength.  To reflect and highlight the latest developments and trends in the Covid-19 arena, Kognitic will continue to refine and enhance its dashboard’s features.  We hope this tracker will make digestible the breadth and depth of Covid-19 trials and become a reliable source of insight to key decision-makers and the public.

About Kognitic

Kognitic’s Clinical Trial Intelligence (CTI) is an automated and robust, insight-driven platform for Life Sciences that accelerates drug development, pipeline, and investment decisions. Kognitic processes clinical trial, drug and financial data from multiple sources, using advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to deliver automated visuals and provide dynamic, live, interactive data for comparison. Kognitic offers a fully integrated solution for clinical landscape analysis and strategic clinical decision-making that provides actionable real-time insights.

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