Strategikon Pharma has announced the commercial release of its Pharma (Sponsor) Edition SOURCE™ module for automating key processes in clinical outsourcing, as well as its Provider (CRO) Edition CORE™ and LINK™ modules for digital bid costing and third-party sourcing.

These enhancements complement the Pharma Edition PORTFOLIO™, a highly advanced clinical study budgeting and scenario modeling engine, with customers reporting greater than 95% forecast accuracy.

Anca Copaescu, CEO of Strategikon Pharma, said: “Intuitive modern technology and predictive analytics can transform these vital back-office functions. Maestro’s SOURCE and LINK modules bridge the gap between planning and outsourcing, digitizing the entire journey from RFP to awarded contract, significantly boosting productivity for pharma companies and CROs alike.

“The Provider Edition CORE is unlike any other software platform in this market, featuring sophisticated resource, rate, inflation/FX rate management and gross margin analyses, automating the entire CRO proposal costing system.”

Farah Ahmad, CCO of Strategikon Pharma, commented: “The pharma industry is managing complex business transactions with aged commercial point-to-point solutions and fragile, resource-intensive Excel spreadsheets. Clinical Maestro equips hard-working industry professionals with the modern tools they need to execute with excellence.”

Mark Di Ianni, chairman of the board of directors, said: “Our Advisory Board, comprised of clinical software, finance, sales and procurement industry veterans from Sponsors and CROs, envisions that the new Clinical Maestro SOURCE, CORE and LINK modules, along with the impressively accurate PORTFOLIO will propel our industry towards a more transparent and collaborative future.”

About Clinical Maestro™

Clinical Maestro integrates eight applications for Sponsors and CROs, providing one seamless platform to manage a broad series of clinical trial procurement and oversight processes. Maestro includes clinical trial planning and budgeting, RFP/vendor selection process automation, clinical trial financial forecasting, metrics-driven performance management and vendor oversight, all fueled by powerful business intelligence and multi-system connectivity. By applying digital standardization to all major transacting parties, Maestro eliminates over 75% of clinical trial planning and budgeting costs, delivering substantial efficiencies for both biopharmaceutical companies and clinical service providers.