Advarra has introduced a new platform called SiteIQ to expedite clinical trial start-up by facilitating protocol planning and site selection processes.

The platform leverages Advarra’s data resources and expertise to offer insights regarding clinical research site experience, capacity, quality and performance among others. It will also help in identifying the right participants for the trial.

The launch of SiteIQ is expected to help trial sponsors and contract research organisations (CRO) in making informed decisions on site selection and feasibility processes.

It also procures third-party data to offer curated recommendations to meet specific study requirements.

Swiss multinational biopharmaceutical company Ferring Pharmaceuticals is an early adopter of SiteIQ.

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Clinical Business Operations director Lindsey Mathew said: “In my experience as a big pharma sponsor, a mid-size sponsor, and a large CRO, having the ability to choose from a properly vetted selection of sites is critical.

“The lack of transparency in site quality, mixed with personal relationships with investigators, can create bias in the selection process that every sponsor wants to avoid.

“Advarra’s service has proven time and time again to offer up a range of investigators that even adds to our efforts to ensure a diverse patient population more representative of the patients we hope to serve in the future.”

Advarra chief technology officer Jeff Sidell said: “SiteIQ demonstrates our commitment to bridging the research ecosystem and connecting sponsors, sites, and patients through improved workflows and advanced technology solutions.

“With this holistic approach, we are addressing a key industry challenge through a data-driven solution.”

Based in the US, Advarra focuses on providing regulatory review solutions. Earlier this year, the company launched the Insights Accrual Prediction Platform.