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Modular Spectrometers

B&W Tek has one of the most comprehensive lines of ultraviolet (UV), visible light (Vis) and near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer modules on the market.

Combined with its wide selection of spectroscopy accessories, the company offers you nearly limitless utility. Due to their small form factor and customisable software control systems, fibre optic spectrometers are the ideal choice for both integration into your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) system and for the laboratory, where you can combine modular products to form a complete solution.

Some of the most common applications of modular spectroscopy include reflectance, absorption, transmission and emission. In addition, all of B&W Tek’s UV, Vis, and NIR spectrometers can also be configured to measure absolute irradiance, making them ideal for LED and solar applications.

The company also has one of the world’s first smart spectrometers with on-board processing and super-speed USB 3.0 communication.

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