The i-Raman® Pro ST is the newest addition to B&W Tek’s award-winning portable Raman series. It dramatically enhances the Raman signature of the content, allowing for rapid material identification of materials inside a variety of visually opaque containers including white plastic bottles, tablet coatings and paper envelopes.

This removes the need to open containers and come in contact with the material, thus maintaining package and sample integrity. The system design features a large sampling depth and sampling area, as well as minimised power density to facilitate the measurement of samples that can be challenging for conventional focused Raman spectroscopy.

The i-Raman Pro ST is a fully integrated system with a tablet computer running touch-friendly software, providing material identification and real-time predictions. With a battery option for easy portability, the system provides research grade Raman capabilities wherever needed.
Applications include:

  • Through-package material identification
  • Customs and logistics package inspection
  • Pharmaceutical raw material identification
  • Narcotics detection
  • Art and archaeological study
  • Bioscience and medical analysis
  • Forensic analysis
  • Geological and mineralogical research
  • Material science research