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Contract Research Services for Clinical Trial Sponsors

APICES is a European full-service CRO with deep experience in oncology, immunology, haematology and all other therapeutic areas.

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APICES is a European full-service contract research organisation (CRO) with international vocation and capabilities that aims to provide optimum client satisfaction throughout the clinical development process. We strive to use our in-depth experience, process systems, and tools to address the main challenges that our clients face in their clinical trials and ensure that you are delighted with our services on your clinical development journey.

Our services can address the increasing complexity of clinical trials and the challenges this poses to recruitment and retention rates, as well as the impact of mergers and acquisitions on our clients. We focus on enrolment and retention as the centre of clinical trial operations while deploying site and patient-centric platforms and tools, decentralised clinical trials (DCTs), and virtual hybrid trials.

Streamlined clinical development to meet trial objectives

APICES strives to exceed our clients’ needs and provide added value by addressing important challenges to the clinical trial process. To achieve this, we simplify the trial process by implementing key solutions in successful study design, clinical development planning, and regulatory timelines to help clients meet project milestones.

Always focused on achieving the highest-quality results in every project, we tailor our team and resources to the needs and requirements of any local or international study. Our objectives are to:

APICES provides support services for companies carrying out clinical trials. Image licensed to APICES from Guillermo Veiga on Shutterstock.
Our services can address increasing trial complexity and its challenges, as well as the impact of mergers and acquisitions. Image licensed to APICES from Guillermo Veiga on Shutterstock.
We aim to streamline and simplify the clinical development process to help clients meet project milestones. Image licensed to APICES from Guillermo Veiga on Shutterstock.
APICES helps develop contingency plans to anticipate any deviations from the original project aims. Image licensed to APICES from Guillermo Veiga on Shutterstock.
Our project planning and management services help ensure that project deadlines are met to the highest quality. Image licensed to APICES from Guillermo Veiga on Shutterstock.
Each of our team members has more than 20 years of experience in clinical trials. Image licensed to APICES from Guillermo Veiga on Shutterstock.
  • Improve the timing, quality, and cost-efficiency of clinical trial projects
  • Work closely with clients to create synergistic solutions for their challenges
  • Strive to develop and improve the customer experience and increase results in the short, medium, and long terms
  • Ensure long-term customer retention
  • Guarantee compliance with legislation, good clinical practice (GCP), good publication practice (GPP), and ISO 14155: 2020 and ISO 9001: 2015
  • Provide the highest levels of quality in line with our standard operating procedures (SOPs) and validated systems, as well as data integrity and accuracy
  • Help clients meet project deadlines, measure their results, and achieve their trial objectives
  • Optimise procedures to provide an excellent time-quality-price ratio

Support services throughout clinical trials

Many of APICES’ clients need to outsource or find a partner who can develop and coordinate all the activities needed to carry out clinical research and development. Using our resources, we can efficiently and effectively facilitate the development of clinical projects for any size and therapeutic area.

The success of a clinical trial project requires rapid site identification and study start-up, efficient patient recruitment, and adherence to study timelines. To ensure these, we provide a full range of services, from project design to publication of results, with expert project management and contingency plans to anticipate and prevent any deviations from the original project objectives.

Assessing project-specific risks allows APICES to tailor quality assurance resources to a risk-based approach, focused on client needs and project complexity while aligning cost and service time with quality to meet client requirements. We draw on our experience with the European regulatory process and knowledge of sites and investigators to help our clients meet start-up milestones.

We provide process simplification for complex clinical projects using a full range of field-proven technology tools, as well as use our experience and resources to efficiently manage trials.

Standard operating procedures for clinical trial projects

APICES’ project planning and management services will help you minimise project risks and delays, reduce project costs, and ensure that deadlines are met to the highest quality.

We are also acutely aware of the increasing importance of our clients’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) requirements and strive to be a leading service provider in this area.

We are the first CRO to have implemented an ISO 9001: 2015 compliant quality management system based on our Service Process Map, which includes the owner, inputs, resources, risks, controls, and key performance indicators (KPIs) corresponding to each internal step of the trial process.

APICES has developed a comprehensive list of SOPs to cover the execution of all our services, adapting these to customers’ SOPs as required. These procedures are designed to meet the client’s needs, verifying the results during the project to progress quickly and correctly before proceeding to the next step.

We include quality control activities to detect and record non-conformities while establishing, implementing, tracking, documenting, and evaluating corrective and preventive action plans. These activities are designed to ensure compliance with clinical trial protocols, applicable regulations and guidelines, and standard operating procedures and policies.

Clinical trial expertise in multiple therapy areas

APICES’ team consists of highly trained professionals with more than 20 years of experience in clinical trials across different indications. They have been part of our company since its foundation and provide an accurate, up-to-date vision of clinical research and new scientific developments.

Our colleagues understand the local clinical requirements, cultural and linguistic specificities, and regulatory requirements of different countries. Through this, we can implement the best option for a project based on strategic thinking in study design, clinical development planning, and successful regulatory strategies.

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  • Apices Corporate Video

    APICES is a full-service CRO offering a wide portfolio of services, from clinical trial design to outcomes research.

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Products & services

  • Clinical Development Planning

    Apices oversees the entire project design process, defining and carrying out the clinical development plan in partnership with the client, with all their project requirements taken into account. We offer a wide range of services for clinical trial development, from protocol design to case report forms.

  • Start-up and Regulatory

    Apices combines study start-up activities and processes. Our study start-up team works directly with investigators and legal teams to navigate complex global pharmaceutical regulations. We offer comprehensive study and expertise of regulatory affairs to support your team or, alternatively, undertake full regulatory affairs projects in-house.

  • Patient Recruitment Services

    Apices offers support for a wide range of clinical trials of all phases. We carry out effective recruitment and retention strategies, as this is one of the biggest challenges in clinical trials.

  • Study and Site Coordination

    Selecting appropriate sites and investigators for a clinical trial helps ensure that the correct patients are enrolled in a timely manner. Drawing on its past work with specialists in many therapeutic areas, APICES has created an investigator database to help sponsors select the best investigators for their trial projects.

  • Medical Monitoring

    Apices’ medical monitoring team carries out medical monitoring reviews for clinical studies and reports their results to ensure the trials are conducted in line with the protocol, SOPs, ICH-GCP, and any applicable laws and regulations. We can prepare medical monitoring plans detailing medical monitoring responsibilities and requirements for trials, as well as for overseeing the integrity of data and the safety of the trial subjects.

  • Pharmacovigilance

    Apices provides a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical services, from one single support to your pharmacovigilance department to fully outsourcing the pharmacovigilance sponsor responsibilities in line with the latest international and national regulations.

  • Biostatistics and Data Management

    Apices can provide answers to pressing research questions in the areas of medicine, biology and public health. Our Biostatistics team offers support and expertise for all aspects of clinical studies and works to pre-determined timelines.

  • Medical Writing

    Apices’ team can assist with any process involving medical writing, staffed as it is by a wide range of highly qualified professionals ‒ including scientific directors, medical writers, medical editors, therapeutic area team leaders, and publication support specialists.

Avda. Antonio Lopez, 16
1st Floor
28320 Pinto (Madrid)

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