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Global Real Time Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for Clinical trials

8407 Sterling St,
TX 75063,
United States of America

8407 Sterling St,
TX 75063,
United States of America

OnAsset’s SENTRY devices are widely used for real-time tracking and monitoring life sciences and pharmaceutical shipments around the globe.

With the growth of new medicines that are patient-specific, time and condition sensitive and of high value – constant visibility is paramount. OnAsset’s turnkey solution meets these requirements. It’s quick to deploy, web-based and accessible from any smart device.

OnAsset’s low-cost Sentinel trackers are ideal for inventory management of reusable packaging from containers to panels. Our tracking tools deliver performance data and alerts for stock levels and temperature excursions, suited for control tower type operations. Specific customer accounts can be created for dedicated views and alarms.

IoT Connected Shipments

Collaboration is critical in clinical trials. OnAsset’s solutions enable companies to integrate supply chain data for enhanced visibility of the collection and delivery of products. This turnkey IoT connectivity solution enables the gathering and sharing of product location and sensor data from the point of origin to the final mile.

Aviation Approved SENTRY FlightSafe®

SENTRY 500 FlightSafe® is an autonomous tracker and monitor with cellular connectivity in over 190 countries. It delivers location and sensor reports around the clock around the globe. It is multimodal and meets international aviation compliance requirements and accepted for carriage by virtually all airlines around the world.

Sentinel Bluetooth 5

Sentinel is a long-life Bluetooth 5 monitor (temperature, humidity, shock and light) that links with SENTRY and other Bluetooth enabled devices to pass real-time data. They are low cost and reusable for highly effective piece level tracking, monitoring and inventory management. They are read by SENTRY devices either dynamically in a consignment in transit or statically mounted in any facility or vehicle. Sentinel can also be read by any mobile device running the OnAsset App, making it ideal for maintaining visibility for collections and deliveries.

Facilities Monitoring

Sentinel has exceptional transmission range up to 400m+, constantly delivering temperature, humidity and light data to the OAInsight web platform and our API for systems integration. Sentinel has a temperature range from -45°C to 85°C. Chain of custody data is enabled through the use of Sentinel Anchor, a patented solution that pairs with Sentinels Loggers and SENTRY to create an auditable data hand-shake record.

SENTRY 500 FlightSafe

The SENTRY 500 FlightSafe® is a solution for shipment tracking on any mode of transport.

Vision Platform

The enterprise-grade Vision™ software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform allows you to manage your mobile assets effectively and requires no software installation.


Sentinel 100 tags offer cost-effective piece-level tracking with long battery life and are based on low-cost and globally-standardised Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology.

Enterprise API and Mobile Applications

We created our Enterprise API to deliver your data to you in a secure manner leveraging industry-standard methods and formats to make it easy.​

Hybrid Solutions

OnAsset offers enhanced, custom supply chain monitoring solutions to meet the specific challenges you face.

IoT Tracking and Monitoring

Cell and gene therapy shipments involve a complex sequence of events with precise planning and coordination of the stakeholders involved. The medicines are unique and have vulnerable characteristics.

OnAsset and Unilode announce Managed Interoperability™

Leading worldwide supplier of outsourced Unit Load Devices (ULD) management and repair solutions and winner of the 2019 IATA Air Cargo Innovation Award (for its digital transformation programme) Unilode Aviation Solutions has partnered with OnAsset Intelligence, leading supplier of supply chain tracking and monitoring solutions, to launch the world’s first aviation-compliant Bluetooth® roaming network.

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