ARTES Biotechnology GmbH and ProteoNic BV Start Research Collaboration

Today ARTES Biotechnology GmbH, Germany, and ProteoNic BV, The Netherlands, announced the start of their research collaboration. Both companies will join forces to investigate the application of ProteoNic’s proprietary technology for enhancement of gene expression in the methylotrophic yeast Hansenula polymorpha, offered by ARTES.

ARTES is engaged in contract R&D services to provide optimised Hansenula strains for expression of third-party products. ARTES has a steadily growing number of clients and licensees worldwide with products in various application fields approved amongst others by the US-FDA. Dr. Michael Piontek, Managing Director says “We expect that ProteoNic’s know-how and expression tools will further boost the high expression potential of Hansenula, making the technology even more attractive for our partners.”

ProteoNic specialises in optimising messenger RNA (translation machinery) applying its UNic™ expression technology to boost upstream protein production. ProteoNic has closed several partnerships with a number of companies active in various biotech applications. “We are very pleased to enter into a collaboration with ARTES,” Victor Schut, Chief Executive Officer commented. “We are confident that the combination of our platforms will provide additional commercial validation of the application of our UNic expression technology and even further improve the value we can offer our partners.”

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