ARTES Steps Further into the Vaccine Business by Acquiring Anavax

26th September 2010

ARTES Biotechnology announces today the acquirement of the ANAVAX virus-like particle (VLP) technology from Select Vaccines. ANAVAX is a patent-protected VLP technology that can be applied to the prevention of several infectious diseases.

With the combination of two excellent technology platforms, ANAVAX and the Hansenula expression system, ARTES has positioned itself as a unique partner for the vaccine industry.

The ANAVAX VLP platform has already been applied to the development of adjuvant-free vaccines against avian and swine flu, malaria and HIV. Hansenula is the preferred technology for affordable mass vaccination and is recommended by the WHO for hepatitis B vaccination campaigns. Together, the platforms build a new approach to low-cost mass production of safe and effective vaccines. ARTES’ business plan is to enhance its position as a preferred development partner for vaccine manufacturers.

Virus-like particles: VLPs

VLPs are small packages of artificially produced viral proteins that assemble either spontaneously or are embedded in a lipid membrane during protein synthesis. As a safe and efficient technology platform, VLPs are of increasing interest for the presentation of new antigens. The structural similarity to viruses together with the complete lack of infectious material is a major advantage over conventional vaccines.


The ANAVAX technology was developed by scientists at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne. The first vaccine candidates targeting different flu viruses, malaria, HIV and HCV showed positive results in preclinical studies. The Burnet Institute and ARTES will further collaborate to develop processes for specific vaccines.

ARTES’ Hansenula platform

This yeast expression platform has been applied to the production of more immunogenic hepatitis B VLP vaccines and provides an excellent base for balanced co-expression of individual proteins. The reliability and attractiveness of the Hansenula platform has been demonstrated by a number of products already marketed worldwide and by several others in clinical trials.

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