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Artes Enjoys Growing International Reputation

“We are looking forward to working with an international team“, says Dr Melanie Dröttboom, head of business development of Artes Biotechnology GmbH.

Biotech company Artes, based near Düsseldorf, has been confirmed that it is developing an aptamer-based microarray for the detection of multiple cancer-biomarkers in serum. This project will receive a grant of approximately four million Euros.

Apart from Artes Biotechnology GmbH there are six other companies from Spain, Germany, Israel and France involved in the transnational Eurotransbio programme, supported by the German national BMBF (German Ministry of Education and Research). “This three year cooperation with our international partners enables us to enhance our skills and gives us the chance to enter new markets with a diagnostic product,” states Dr Dröttboom.

The Artes Biotechnolgy GmbH is a service provider for production and optimisation of microbial recombinant protein strains, especially with the yeast-organisms Hansenula and Arxula. The 2002 founded company holds worldwide patents and licenses for these and further technology platforms.

Artes’ team is engaged in the production of recombinant proteins for clients in white biotechnology and red biotechnology. Since the beginning the young Biotech company with its 15 employees is in the black and obtains through careful management an increase in turnover of 50 percent in the recent financial year.

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