Meet Biovian at the Biotech Outsourcing Strategies Conference

Meet Biovian at the Biotech Outsourcing Strategies cmc2012 (BOS cmc) on 14 June 2012 at the Sohuset Conference Center, Denmark. Biovian’s director of business development and projects, Dr Knut Ringbom, will be available for in-depth discussions with delegates at the conference.

Biovian is a one-stop-shop that provides cGMP contract manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals. Biovian provides a full range of services including antigen isolation, cell line development, process development, cell cultivation, protein purification, and product fill and finish.

Biovian’s inspected 1,600m² cGMP facilities contain EU grade A, B, C and D class clean rooms and warehouses under full quality control, as well as extensively equipped development laboratories.

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