Here are the forthcoming shows that will exhibit Malvern’s clinical solutions.

November 2019

12 November: Webinar – Focus on Pharma: Biophysical Characterisation of an RSV Antigen at Low Temperatures

14 November: Webinar – Focus on Pharma: Assessing in vitro bioequivalence: Topical formulations

21 November: Webinar – Focus on Pharma – The Zetasizer Ultra – A Novel Assay for Measuring Adeno Associated Virus (AAV)

27 November: Webinar – Elemental Analysis Masterclass 3 – The Basics of Sample Preparation for XRF

27 November: XRD IN THE WORKPLACE TRAINING COURSE (Auckland, New Zealand)

December 2019

18 December: Hard radiation and PDF analysis workshop (Singapore, Singapore)

March 2020

27 March: Grand Opening of Application Laboratory (Perth, Australia)

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