TrialHub, the pioneering data intelligence platform known for its innovative use of NLP and AI technologies in clinical trial management, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Biomapas, a global provider of integrated clinical, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, and medical information services. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in enhancing clinical research methodologies and accelerating patient-centric trials.

Empowering Clinical Trials with Advanced Data Solutions

This partnership combines TrialHub’s advanced analytical capabilities with Biomapas’s comprehensive clinical operation services to improve clinical trial efficiencies. By integrating TrialHub’s technology, Biomapas will enhance its clinical study planning and execution across various therapeutic areas, ensuring faster patient access to important therapies.

Reflecting on the partnership, Oleg KungurtsevHead of Clinical Monitoring at Biomapas commented: “We are thrilled to be enhancing our clinical trials through TrialHub. By adopting cutting-edge methodologies in clinical processes, patient recruitment and regulatory compliance, we aim to fortify the efficiency and safety of the clinical trials experience for all our partners. At Biomapas, we are determined to uphold the highest standards of innovation and continue to improve patient outcomes.”

Key benefits of the collaboration include:

  • Streamlined Clinical Processes: Leveraging real-time data insights for better decision-making in clinical trial planning and management.
  • Enhanced Patient Recruitment: Utilising predictive analytics to improve recruitment strategies and increase trial participation rates.
  • Optimised Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring faster market access with AI-driven insights that navigate complex regulatory landscapes effectively.

A Commitment to Transforming Clinical Research

“Through our partnership with Biomapas, we are poised to transform the landscape of clinical research by integrating state-of-the-art technology with deep industry expertise. This collaboration is not just about enhancing efficiencies; it’s about reshaping how clinical trials are conceptualised and executed to prioritise patient outcomes and streamline processes.” – Maya Zlatanova, CEO at TrialHub

This partnership reflects TrialHub’s and Biomapas’s commitment to innovation and a patient-first approach, with the goal of enabling more effective and efficient clinical trials. By harnessing the power of AI and machine learning, TrialHub provides Biomapas with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of trial planning and execution with unprecedented clarity and speed.

About Biomapas

With more than twenty years of expertise in the life sciences sector, Biomapas has evolved from a local provider to a mid-size CRO, offering seamless, end-to-end solutions that cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from startup biotechnology companies to large pharmaceutical enterprises.

As a versatile partner, Biomapas provides both functional and full outsourcing solutions. From drug development consultancy to post-authorisation support and strategic partnerships, our commitment to delivering efficiency across the entire product lifecycle remains unwavering.

For additional information about our transformative initiatives and comprehensive services, please visit the Biomapas website.