Kemwell Signs Contract Manufacturing Agreement with Mercury Pharma Group

30th November 2012

Kemwell today signs an agreement with Mercury Pharma Group for contract manufacture of pharmaceuticals in the new state-of-the-art production facility in Uppsala. "This agreement shows that we are indeed competitive in Sweden in production. Our new modern facility gives great opportunities for pharmaceutical manufacture in collaboration with both new and existing customers," says the company’s CEO Agneta Bergvall.

Kemwell is a Swedish-Indian contract manufacturer with production facilities in both India and Sweden. Kemwell established themselves on the European market six years ago when they acquired a facility from Pfizer. Here the company manufactures tablets, suppositories and capsules. Strong business development has allowed Kemwell to double their production space in Sweden through expansion in new facilities.

Mercury Pharma Group Ltd is an international pharmaceutical company specializing in the sale of prescription drugs. The company’s products are marketed worldwide with a focus on the European market. Kemwell’s agreement with Mercury Pharma Group Ltd covers
manufacture of tablets and release and distribution of products to Great Britain and Ireland.

"It is always exciting to start a new collaboration with a client," says Bergvall.

"We aim to serve our customers with the highest levels in quality and service, ensuring that the customer gets the right product at the right time. At Kemwell we strive daily to live up to our ambition of being a contract manufacturer of merit and to help our clients become more competitive. We focus on being a continually developing company with a reputation for trustworthiness and dedication" says Bergvall.

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