Onorach Clinical Partners with Quantics

Onorach™ Clinical has recently formed a strategic partnership with Quantics Consulting to provide statistical services to Onorach™ clients. Quantics Consulting were chosen thanks to many years of statistical experience with life science companies.

A.Professor Christene Leiper, managing director / president of Onorach™ Clinical, said: “We aim to provide a complete suite of services to support clinical trial development and implementation. We are delighted to partner with Quantics, as this will further extend our range of services to include high-quality statistical consulting.”

Quantics Consulting’s unique mix of statistical, scientific and medical staff improves information gathering through the clinical planning and development phases of clinical trials, and they conform to ICH-GCP guidelines.

For Quantics Consulting, business manager Dr Alison Kerr said: “We are very happy to be able to work with Onorach to ensure their clients benefit from optimal statistical design, analysis and reporting on their clinical trials. We know that this can reduce development timelines and improve success with regulatory submissions.”

For further information, please contact Onorach™.

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